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New & Used Machines:

Edson Machinery has a range of new and used stock machines.

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To compliment our range of machines, Edson Machinery supply a wide range of high quality consumables for the coil winding and electronics industry, such as :-

Motor & Transformer Laminations | Clamps & Brackets | Bobbins & Boxes
Solder & Thinners | Pinning Wire | Splice Band | IDC Terminals

Clamps and Brackets...

Clamps and bracket pic
Edson Machinery supply a comprehensive range of transformer clamps, base plates and tightening metal bands to suit a very wide range of sizes. These products can be used with the Waasner range of laminations.



Solder and Thinners...

solder and thinners pic
Edson Machinery provide soldering consumables for all their machines (ex-stock), such as flux, thinners and solder (reels and sticks), and are on hand for any technical assistance you may require.

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Pinning Wire...

pinning wire pic
Edson machinery supply pinning wire for various applications. The wire can be either round, square or flat, electro plated or bare and comes in many different materials such as Phosphor Bronze, Brass, Copper Clad Steel, Nickel Silver or Steel.


Splice Band & IDC Terminals...

splice band pic1

Splicing crimps are used for the solderless connection of a wide range of electronic components. They are extensively used for connection coil wires to flexible leads without the need to solder or strip the insulation. The splicing system is claimed to be up to ten times faster than manual soldering and provides a more reliable connection.

IDC pic
The Insulation Displacement terminals are primarily used on wound bobbins and motors. They replace conventional tags, creating an instant, solder free connection upon insertion into the bobbin. The system is ideal for both solderable and non-solderable wire insulation's eliminating the need for the soldering or welding operations. One terminal size will handle a wide range of wire diameters, reducing both cost and stock levels.