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New & Used Machines:

Edson Machinery has a range of new and used stock machines.

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Ancillary Equipment...

Edson Machinery supply a range of ancillary equipment and accessories associated with the coil winding industry, please click on any of the links below for more details:-

Taping Machines | Skeining Machines | Laminating Machines | Wire Tensioners
Core Stacking Units | Tension Meters | Wire Reel Covers |
Winding Mandrels | Flux Density Control Unit

Taping Machines...

NST1 taping machineMarsilli manufacture an extremely versatile bench top taping machine incorporating the well proven technology currently in use on the Marsilli Mars range of machines. Ideal for a wide range of tape widths and particularly well suited to small ferrite components such as RM 4,5 & 6. The machine comes with automatic unloading of the taped coil and has the ability to tape both chambers at once.

Max. tape width
Max. coil diagonal
Tape reel max. outside dia.
Tape reel inside dia.
Max. taping turns


Wire Skeining Machines...

skeining machine pic

To compliment their range of winding machines Marsilli manufacture a wire skeining machine using high quality brushless motors and incorporating the very latest in electronic technology.
Below you can find the technical specifications and the configuration possibilities.



Technical Specifications No. of spindles / Pitch between spindles
length of skein:
diameter of workable wires:
minimum strands:
skeining spindle speed:
shuttle speed:
min 90 max 660 mm
3 (Holes, Eyelets)
14.200 rpm
120.000 mm/m


Automatic & Hand Laminating Machines...

hand laminator pic
Edson Machinery supply HEI and HE automatic and hand laminating machines that are extremely low cost machines for inserting laminations into transformers. They are simple to operate, yet compared to laminating by hand can increase output by as much as nine times or more. Full ranges of models are available to suite different core sizes.

Please contact us for details.



Flux Density Control Unit...

hand laminator pic

The FLX1 unit is part of Marsilli's commodity products range, it allows a continuous measurment of the specific flux gravity with automatic adjustment of the chosen value. The flux density value is programmable from the solder machine or manually set through the front panel.

Density Ranges from 0.80 - 0.89 Kg/dm3